Britin’s only 21st Century Pier!

The original Pier was built in 1900 and was 810ft long. Until the early 1930s most holidaymakers travelled by sea and Southwold was a favourite destination. Over the years, violent storms and a mine during the war all took their toll. In 1987, the Pier was privately bought and work to rebuild it started.

Southwold Pier

In 2001, the work was completed with the pier reaching its current length of 623 feet. In 2013, Gough Hotels, a Suffolk owned family business, took over the ownership of the Pier, and are continuing to improve the Pier. In the future, they hope to add a 30-bedroom hotel to the Pier, making it a 365 days a year business.


Southwold Pier Located at
North Parade, Southwold, Suffolk, IP18 6BN, United Kingdom.
Southwold Pier Phone: 01502 722105